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About the Teacher

Sonya Tors (B.A., J.D. 2016) graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction, minoring in Ancient Greek. Post graduation, Sonya studied Law at the University of Toronto and was called to the bar in 2017. She has been teaching New Testament Greek since 2015.


Moses – “Sonya is an excellent teacher who truly wants her students to learn and grasp the subject matter. She is thorough and will put in an enormous amount of time to ensure you are successful! I love learning Greek with her and I hope to master it one day!”
Sam – “Knowledgeable and thorough, Sonya has been instrumental in taking my Koine Greek beyond the textbook. She is great at making sure her students understand well too!”

Truth in My Days Ministry Online Greek Course Schedule for Term #1
Note: Every class of students is different. Some are faster, and some are slower. Depending on the pace of the students, the schedule may not be followed exactly. If the students are particularly quick, more material than what is in this course schedule may be covered.
October 5 – the alphabet; English grammar relevant to New Testament Greek
October 12 – Thanksgiving; no class
October 19 – breathing marks and other signs
October 26 – the present active indicative
November 2 – quiz; epsilon contract verbs
November 9 – quiz; second declension nouns in -ος; nominative, vocative, and accusative
November 16 – quiz; genitive and dative; the definite article
November 23 – quiz; second declension neuter nouns
November 30 – quiz; first declension feminine nouns in -η
December 7 – quiz; first declension feminine nouns in -α
December 14 – quiz; first declension masculine nouns; further uses of accusative, genitive, and dative
December 21 Christmas holidays; no class
December 28 Christmas holidays; no class
January 4 – quiz; adjectives in attributive position
January 11 – review
TBA – at-home exam

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3 Reasons to Learn New Testament Greek

#1: You do not have to be dependent on the translator’s choice
#2: Knowledge of Greek can solve apparent problems
#3 Knowledge of Greek can refute attacks by false religions

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